Thursday 6th August 09

Good day, sent out lots of mail, got a few bookings for the workshop and worked on my blog and other social media sites. But need to get traffic and comments, SO PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOUR GOALS ARE FOR THE NEXT YEAR.. no matter how wacky or wonderful they are.. you never know who will pick them up and run with them.

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  1. Goals for 2009:
    * To enjoy each day for what it is… and not live in the future;
    * To change careers and do something I enjoy – to feel like I’m making a difference;
    * To let others pay when they offer – and have the insight to realise when they genuinely mean it;
    * To work to live instead of live to work;
    * See more of Scotland – take short trips;
    * To find a charity to join;
    * To reconnect with friends and family I have lost touch with over the past 6 years or so;
    * To join a yoga class;
    * To stop eating sherbet lollipops by the dozen.

  2. Helen, my goals don’t change because is it a recession. The most important thing to me is to continue to live by the golden rule to do unto others as you would have others do unto you. No matter the economy, that should never change.

    My business is employment law. I help people and companies navigate the employer-employee relationship. I also provide consulting to employers to get the most out of the relationship. I strongly agree that it is vital to help to avoid litigation. Once a matter goes to Court I believe that both sides lose. So, the more effective the training, the less likely the company is to wind up in litigation.

    Another goal is to continue volunteering and to encourage others to do the same.

  3. My No 1 Goal has been achieved! 11 Ambassadors in my iLearningGlobal team sipping Mai Tais in Hawaii next April 2010

  4. Angie, it is great that you are living in the present and not the future. All your goals are wonderful and must make you a great person.

    People who tend to live in the future will do that in good times and in bad. So these people really need to focus more on today and not so much tomorrow. Otherwise, they will never be truly happy.

    Oh, by the way, a really fun thing to do is something nice for another person without them knowing that you did it. I have been taking in a neighbor’s newspaper, garbage and sort pails for weeks without them knowing that I am the culprit. They are new to the street and probably think that they are getting great service from the newspaper and trash people.

    I hope that more people jump in with their responses.


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