10 top trends for 2010

10 Trends that present fantastic opportunities for you and your Brand in 2010

  1. 1. Maturealism

A great word that simply means that your audience has become mature, due to all the marketing messages we get on-line, we are exposed to more risqué messages, I mean how many people even blink now if they get a Viagra message.

This means you can be a little more daring with your messages in 2010, not offensive, just a bit more risqué. Great examples of this include:

  • A brand of Ice Creams that will be sold in the UK as X Rated Flavours, so potent you can only buy one at a time.
  • A selection of Wine Sorbets

Can you bring a range into your products or a service to cater for this market?

  1. 2. Mass Meetings

With the growth of Social Media and on-line activity, more impromptu mass meetings will spring up. They can be meetings to bring together people who support a cause, networkers, people who want to have fun. Twitter runs events, you can use facebook and linked-in too to promote a message and an event, to get a movement behind you.

Can you get people to gather together on-mass?

  1. 3. Co-donations

This is where a business aligns itself with a specific charity and supports that charity with on-going donations.

Great examples include:

  • Toms Shoes, they give a child a pair of shoes in a poor country when a pair of children’s shoes are ought on-line.
  • A hotel that offers a discount for every 8 hours you donate to charity
  • An on-line wine distributor that donates $5 to a literacy programme for every bottle of wine purchased.
  • Disney will give a free day to people, if they give a day to their chosen charity.
  • A UK based baby clothes manufacturer, that gives away a cotton a babygrow to a charity for each one purchased.

Can you do this, co-sponsor a charity, feel good, do good and grow your brand too.

  1. 4. The Value of your on-line Profile

A growth in businesses that will protect your on-line value (estate), if you die they can have permission to pass on your contacts or close your accounts.

  1. 5. Limited Locations

Just like a limited edition, its all about scarcity, people will have to travel to an area to get a certain perfume, coffee, drink etc. They will be created for that town, city or country.

Absolute Vodka is doing this for large cities, perfume houses have created city fragrances and brands are created for Heathrow Airport exclusives.

Can you do this with a product you provide?

  1. 6. GreenNomics

A huge area of growth, you will be legislated to get involved in this in the coming years and you will be taxed to be greener, so can you make sure you get involved and use it to grow your brand.

A brilliant example of this is a town in Australia that has banned bottled water and sells itself as the first bottle water free town. Its Green and it creates a positive message.

An Irish company that sells pull up stands that are made from recycled and green materials only.

What can you do with your brand to be greener and have a positive impact?

Tracking of Information

People want to keep track of information that they are interested in, they want it in real time, 24/7.

Examples include twittering up to date traffic updates, fuel prices around the country, house prices etc.

A company in America that sells sporting goods, only sends out re-used boxes ad these are tracked so everyone can see where their box is being sent, keeping people engaged.

A website that people join who suffer from arthritis, and they get updates on adverse weather effects that can have an effect on them.

What can you track that your customers would love to have updates on?

  1. 7. Urbanisation

More and more people living in cities, especially in Asia. This means a huge growth in business to consumer products that are trendy and suit fast paced city life.

  1. 8. Urban Pride

This will mean delivering products or services that are developed for that particular area. A bank in London that can speak to its users in Cockney – what a great example.

  1. 9. Real Time Reviews

People want to go on-line and read reviews written by users of the product or service not by critics. They want them when they want them too.

Make sure you have reviews on-line. A fantastic example of this is a travel company that gives really good bloggers a free trip in exchange for a review, they want it to be honest and reach an audience that they cant.

What are you doing about reviews?

  1. 10. Luxury Re-Defined

Scarcity is what creates a luxury brand. That doesn’t mean you have to create an expensive product, it means defining what luxury is. In scarcity is very personal service, people with strong opinions, extreme service providers, guilt free fun?

How can you create a luxury brand that people will want, that makes you stand out?

About Helen Tonetti

Internet and Marketing fantatic. We help you develop and implement Social Media into your marketing activity. Done in stages we develop a clear strategy for you, build the accounts, add content and followers, before training your team to take over and manage the process. Marketing Director of Video Expression, we develop on-line marketing and sales video channels that get results.

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