S.E.O Versus Social Media

As a small business can you really afford to rely on Search engine optimization as your on-line marketing tool of choice? It costs lots of money for the majority of businesses and requires a real skill level to manage and update.

There is a shift from relying on S.E.O and link building, in other words, getting customers to find us, to businesses going out to find their customers. That’s the power of social media, it’s about finding your customers and having some real interaction with them, that in turn drives them back to your website.

It is difficult to have any great success with popular keywords or phrases if you don’t use social media, but the reall power of social media is that you can easily dominate it if you are in an industry that is taking its time to adapt to social media.

I know that SEO is still a vital part of on-line marketing, but I am sure that it just isn’t enough to use it as your one and only source of advertising yourself.

People search for information on line, so you need to solve problems, Blogging is great for this, and its really liked by Google. Just have a look at any return you get from a search, and you will very rarely find a search that doesn’t result in a social media sites appearing on the first few pages.

What all this means to you as a business is that before you build a website, or once you have the branding website you need to look at all areas of Social Media and see how you can use them to drive traffic to your business. We are all in the information business, so create content.

About Helen Tonetti

Internet and Marketing fantatic. We help you develop and implement Social Media into your marketing activity. Done in stages we develop a clear strategy for you, build the accounts, add content and followers, before training your team to take over and manage the process. Marketing Director of Video Expression, we develop on-line marketing and sales video channels that get results.

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