Case Study 2

Arrow Print Management are independent print brokers they source the best prices and best service for your printing jobs, and they manage them and make sure they are delivered on time and are of high quality.

I have used them, and recommend them to anyone who wants to move printing off their list of responsibilities. But they want to speak to more graphic designers in Ireland and believe that Social Media will be the perfect tool, they want to be seen as a source that designers can feel free to contact for print advice without any cost or commitment.

Greg Fry and his business partner joined us on Skpe to hash out a few ideas.

Arrow Print is already active on Linked In and want to continue there.  It’s vital to remember that you want to appeal to people on social media, it’s about attraction marketing, so we suggested he start by asking all his connections to send in photographs for a design done for them, and nominate their designer as Irelands top Irish graphic designer, this will crate awareness with graphic designers and the business community.

It’s an easy competition for people to pass on and create a bit of a buzz on-line, and it can be promoted off-line at the numerous networks they attend.

 The photographs could be shared across all the social media channels too. Get the on-line community to vote for the best design.

We suggested that they share practical tips of printing problems that designers are likely to encounter, almost like an FAQ section that designers could refer too, we suggest he keeps an FAQ section on his website or on a blog that designers can refer to, this may start up a forum for them as a group.

get a copy of Greg Fry’s article on standing out on LinkedIn

About Helen Tonetti

Internet and Marketing fantatic. We help you develop and implement Social Media into your marketing activity. Done in stages we develop a clear strategy for you, build the accounts, add content and followers, before training your team to take over and manage the process. Marketing Director of Video Expression, we develop on-line marketing and sales video channels that get results.

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