Marketing to anyone between 34 and Younger?

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Generation Y are allot more elusive when it comes to targeting them with your products or services, and why you ask?

Well just a few years ago, teenagers had to rely on using a phone to stay in contact (I remember the phone box at the end of the street , if you wanted any privacy) and just a few years ago TV was their only form of entertainment.

Today’s teenagers are so different, if they have a thought they let their friends know right away, they are able to access information 24 hours a day, and they are under pressure to own the latest in phones and technology.

However one thing never changes they still hate getting advice from you, the adult! So when you, the “adult marketer” try to talk to them, they stop listening, traditional marketing is always about here is a product, and this is why you should buy it. Generation Y are so different, they ask their friends and listen to what they say, and of course Social Media makes this incredibly easy.  E-mail marketing doesn’t work, Its still seen as a way to communicate with adults not friends.

And believe you me, just creating loads of content and bombarding the Y gen with it doesn’t seem to work. Big brands like Apple and Blackberry seem to have had some great success, but they are not sure why exactly.

Facts we do know (well according to a few reports) nearly 88% of teenagers are on-line, it’s grown by over 23% in the past few years, Instant messaging is the way they communicate with each other.

Some ways that are working is interactive games, Mobile phone marketing (very acceptable in this group) and the development of Apps. Some brands are hiring Teenagers to head up campaigns on-line to build brand loyalty, Levi’s did this with an anti guns and violence campaign headed up by their own “Spokesteen”. They are regular teenagers who spend time talking to their peers and building a following.

Its all about thinking of new ways to get our message out to this group that rely on their friends recommendations not on your sales messages.

Do you have any success stories of your own in this area?



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  1. Marketers are stuck in the middle figuring out how to market to those under the age of 34 and trying to get those over the age of 34 to adopt social media

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