How to Optimize your Blog

London Blog Club March Meeting report back

My first time to attend the London Blog Club event, and it was worth the trip to London. Firstly I met my friend Claire Boyle the twitter queen, and listened to a presentation by Sanjay Shelat of Edit Optimisation on Blog Optimisation.

London Bloggers has a following of about 500 with an average of 50 people attending each event, and from my time running network events, I know that it’s a great turn out.

Sanjay Shelat was great, very experienced in SEO and full of life so easy to listen too.

Sanjay made some great points about getting your Blog higher up the search engines and I thought I would share them with you.

Firstly remember that Google uses robots to read your Blog, so you need to bear this in mind, you write for people, but optimise for robots.

What do the robots look at when they visit your blog?

  1. Your Meta Tag, the words in the very top blue bar, often with Blogs the Meta Tag is based on the Title you put into your articles.
  2. So your title of your articles are very important, think of what you want to be ranked for, if its a cooking blog, you may want to be found for roast chicken, so make your title, how to make a roast chicken.
  3. How to … is always a great title, people search that all the time.
  4. Google cant read images, so make sure you add an alt tag to each image with a description that has words in it that you want to be found for. Google does like you to add images, but relies on you to describe them, in order for them to return them when searches happen.
  5. This above rule applies to video too, describe the video so it can be found. Google has bought video and it wont be long until it recognises voice, then SEO rules will change!
  6. Make each article about 300 words long for Google to think its worth ranking.
  7. When writing the articles for your Blog try to use the words or phrases you want to found for as often as you can , but DO Not comprise the quality of the article, remember you want people to love your articles and come back again and again.
  8. Do use the more than widget in your articles, this means the full article wont appear on your home page of your Blog, but on a separate page, and because the articles are different Google will rank both the pages. Just search for the “more than” widget on line to add to your Blog.
  9. Links are vital, there are so many ways to get links for your Blog, one easy way is to comment on Blogs and add your URL, links equal trust when it comes to Google.

Hopefully you get a few nuggets from that to optimise your Blog.

If you are keen on Blogging, or already Blog, why not come along to the next London Blog Club meet-up in April.


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