How are local government offices using Social Media

I wanted to know if local councils were using social media, after all people often feel that the councils are closed when it comes to sharing information with them, the public.

Just like any business its important that people see the councils as open and most importantly as human.

I discovered these simple ways that Social Media is being used very effectively…. And please tell us if you know any other ways that your Local council has engaged.

Sterling County Council used twitter to relay messages during the snow storms

Brighton and Hove City Council hired a full time Social Media Specialist – not to give out press releases but to find a way to talk to the community – like replacing street lights, fixing paving etc.. I liked this very much.

Manchester police are using it as a day in the life of, tweeting what they were doing, seems to hit the spot both with the public and the police.

Barnet Council has launched a website called Getting residents to talk about Barnet, it has photos, video and stories… what a great way to sell an area.
A hospital has spent time asking people to share their experiences…
Loved the story of a young girl trapped in a storm drain who asked for help on FaceBook…

Why don’t councils air the public meetings? Create polls for changes to an area?

What I have seen is that most are slow in getting to grips with engagement… it’s still about treating Social Media as a broadcast channel.
After all it’s a public service, so the changes should be driven by the public, and if you talk to us we may come up with some fantastic ideas.

When people are involved – with any brand- they feel that their contribution matters and they will feel more positive about you.

What are you doing, or your local council doing to engage you?

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