Top 5 technology gadgets for 2011

I enjoy watching TV every now and then and one of the shows that I like is the Gadget Show on Channel 5, I wrote this article a while ago, when they did a feature on their first show of the …they came up with their top 5 Technology/ gadgets for 2011, so here they are:

At number 5
Cloud Computing – Its been around for a while, but it will be embraced this year especially when Google Launch their new operating system this year.

At number 4
Hand Held Gaming, now I must admit it all a bit new to me, not the biggest gamer, but have started to love games on the i-phone. Sony’s new N.G.P looks brilliant, small and portable, bit like a phone, and the processors and graphics are better than ever.

At number 3
3D –already growing quickly, but the new no glasses technology and the launch of 3D TV’s this year, and apparently some great 3D portable players are available now.

At number 2
Smart T.V – really playing TV through your PC and Broadband connection, and watch Google as they launch Google TV this year.

At number 1
Tablets – with the fantastic iPad already a massive success and other brands hurrying to launch their equivalent, they will make a massive impact this year. And I can’t wait to see the new iPad that is launched this year.

A great list I think, what about you?

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