Number 10, how to make your fans love your brand!

Its been a busy week – part of it comes from trying to establish myself in a new country, getting out meeting people (all through networking on and off-line) and to all the interesting people I met a big thank you, appreciate your time and your inside knowledge.

Its Sunday already and I have enjoyed the sunny weather, cycling over 20 km each day ..

Anyway I digress .. tool number 10 is an amazing find, I think any company that is trying to develop a loyal following on Facebook need to look at …


As marketers of our business we all want our customers and prospects to feel engaged, but lets face it ideas are often difficult to come up with an application.

FanGager offers a suite of tools that can add to a company’s Facebook or Twitter page such things as customer rewards programs (airline miles, credit card rewards points, etc.), discounts, games, polls, focus groups and online buying opportunities.

The tool also measures engagement, so anyone who participates can see their reward points for taking part in specific activity…

To date, FanGager claims such clients as American Express Co., Microsoft Corp. and Nokia Corp. They have some interesting case studies on their Blog and on the video below.

What do you do to engage your customers… on and off-line.

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