The Problem with Customers

Christine Long of Ribbon Media who provides a fantastic service to businesses, she will come in and do a communications audit, that means she will check that your message is clear across each and every marketing channel you choose to use.

One of her articles deals with the ever challenging issue of providing good customer care…

It started with a customer saying that everything would be perfect if they didn’t need to deal with customers…

It is a statement that invites sympathy from many a business leader. However, in the absence of an alternative to making money, the only way forward is to make dealings with customers more enjoyable and profitable.

Customer service and experience is central to every business that has a product or service to sell. It is a simple tale. Good service motivates people to buy from you and keep buying from you. Bad service motivates them to buy from somebody else.

You can roll out the most intelligent, innovative and sophisticated marketing plan that has ever been written, but if it is not supported by positive customer experience, it is more likely to roll off the desk and onto the floor than take you to the dizzy heights of success.

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