Greek Marketing Lesson 2: Cook slowly to release flavours.

Sometimes it pays to Undersell yourself! I think with all the great design around us, we can sometimes be seduced into adding lots of “glitter” to our marketing. I have met coaches who have said, say we not I to make you look bigger, a point I disagree with from every aspect, but especially when it comes to social media… its all about you building relationships with other people.

I was reminded about this again this week… (did I mention I am in Greece … sorry….) we (hubby and I, and to prove he exists, the photo is of him today having breakfast at Hotel Petres) booked us into an Hotel in Nassous Bay called Hotel Petres, run by the most incredible couple (Sotiris and Clare)…… its small but run better than any 5 star hotel I have ever stayed at.

Anyway on the first day as I squashed grapes with the other guests, Sotiris and I were talking about the hotel website, I commented on its simplicity, and Sotiris said they kept it understated because when guests come along for their first stay (and 80% of their gusts come year on year, another article) they always say…” Wow Sotiris this is so much better than your website” and that Helen, said Sotiris is the reaction I want. He said the worst thing for him would be the look of disappointment on a guests face if he pretended to be more than they are.

The truth, the place is amazing, but in an understated way, just like Sotiris and Clare, and I will be adding to the reviews that sold it to me in the first place. So if you plan to come to Greece.. Come here… its like a postcard. (I do not work for or know Sotiris and Clare, other than meeting them this week )

Have a great week this week.

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