How Video is changing Education

I loved school, I wasn’t a gifted student by any stretch of the imagination, with a good bout of dyspraxia  mixed in with a very bossy streak, often made me a challenging student.

But I like to learn, and love the sense of community you get as a student. But I think education needs to change, it needs to embrace technology, and it needs to stop people like me, with learning difficulties from feeling stupid. ( I am lucky to have loads of confidence, and parents who always believed in me, so never needed my teachers to validate me). I had great teachers, people who sa\w me as a leader and as creative and used those skills well.

I was excited when I read about the Khan Academy – I think it’s the future of education, and wow it’s exciting!

If you havent heard of the Khan Academy, have a look at the video below.  If you want to get the scoop on how and why it was created, Salman Khan explains in his talk “let’s use video to reinvent education.” Far from “dehumanizing” education, Khan explains how the video tutorials have helped free up teachers to work with students.

Tell me what you think, but most importantly tell your children and their teachers.

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