Google+ has the Power!

Last night I set off to attend the second Digital Berkshire get together, it was held in the lovely venue Southhill Park, Bracknell.

Digital Berkshire is the brainchild of few people,  they have put together a non for profit event, where anyone interested in all things digital can meet once a month, network and listen to a good speaker. They hope to have a sponsor for each event, to sponsor one round of drinks, and I think  it would be money well spent.

About 60 people attended the event last night, and the speaker was Thomas Power ….. He was there to discuss the growth, benefits and potential future of Google + Versus the other tools including Twitter, Facebook and Linked In.

The numbers are impressive for Google + has already got 100 million users, and anticipate it will have over 300 million by the end of the year. (I wonder how many of them are just like me, I do add stuff, but really have not used it well yet.) Google + will be putting in place many “ incentives” to get us using  it.

I was someone who was excited when it launched, and used it a bit before running out of steam, when I realised that I didn’t really know anyone else on it. And the numbers in the room last night reflected this … when asked who used what channel, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook all had equal amounts of users, while Google+ had only 1 other person using it as their main channel in the room. That person didn’t really use it for marketing either, rather as a good research tool.

But I have to say as Thomas Power continued his talk, I felt more and more inspired to start getting to grips with Google +, so I will share my tips and tribulations with you as we start the journey. Thomas is one of the top users and he admitted he still felt he didn’t fully understand it, but perhaps it’s because it’s very much a developing site.

Some of the features that look great on Google + include the search and search+, the live feeds are like Twitter updates, you can easily add video on Google+ and in fact You Tube has added a Google+ button.

A hot Tip…Thomas Power pointed out the “Hangout “ up to 9 people can join this, he suggested getting a few experts together, recording the session (you can do this on Google+) , then selling it on or give it away to members of your website.

Three people he suggested we all follow include:

  • Louis Gray, the product manager for Google+, so we stay up to date with developments.
  • Thomas Morffew, a UK person who really has good insights into Google+
  • Denis Labelle, will help you see how you can monetise Google+

Well I will follow all of them and you, Thomas Power will be added to the list. I was impressed with the content and tone of the talk last night, so thank you to both Thomas and Digital Berkshire.

The next Digital Berkshire event will be held on the 15th of March, keep an eye open on Linked In and Twitter for details…. As in the words of Arnie… I will be Back.

About Helen Tonetti

Internet and Marketing fantatic. We help you develop and implement Social Media into your marketing activity. Done in stages we develop a clear strategy for you, build the accounts, add content and followers, before training your team to take over and manage the process. Marketing Director of Video Expression, we develop on-line marketing and sales video channels that get results.

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