How video will help you develop trust and make sales.

How many times have you heard people say, I saw the movie, I never read the book.

A big percentage of our population prefers to watch the film rather than read the book, and the Internet is not exempt from this.

Online video is now considered to be an essential aspect of any commercial marketing campaign. And with the campaigns that we do through Video Expression we can show you how to make it cost neutral or even profitable to have video as a means of building a loyal following. ( Case study)

Online video works because simply put people like to do business with a person, rather than a faceless corporation.

Using video allows you to add personality to your business, and create a level of trust that just can’t be achieved with a page of text.

Forrester research has reported that businesses can double their chances of ranking higher in the major search engines if they use video to promote their services rather than text alone. But the benefits of using video to promote your business go deeper than that.

Just think of the way in which brands that advertise on television are regarded. True or not, people generally believe that a business that advertises on television is some kind of brand leader. This same belief and trust seems to translate over into online video.

Just think about a simple example, if you are trying to find an hotel, one page has some static images, the other a tour of the venue and an introduction to the manager with a message about looking after you, and perhaps a few guests with feedback on how wonderful their say was… who will you book with?

This can translate into any business, Why not bring your newsletters to life each month, show potential clients your products, introduce yourself and your team as experts in their field (by giving advice to camera), show positive feedback from clients, answer customers burning questions and much more.

We help clients to develop campaigns and the market their video content through a variety of channels, that will bring them a sleuth of very targeted traffic.

Video is a simple sales technique, an extension of your sales team that can quickly and easily build a  level of trust that normally is only achieved with visits from a member of your team.

The point I’m really trying to make, is that video is not just about more traffic; it’s about providing an extra dimension to your marketing that cannot be achieved through pamphlets, newsletters, static websites or mail shots.

Video marketing will enable you to reproduce the best aspects of your sales pitch in an engaging and memorable fashion, communicating key messages with a big quantity of personality.

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