How 2 “boring” Financial Businesses have used video and humour to attract a very big following

I often get asked “why would anyone want to watch a video about my company, we don’t do anything exciting, isn’t video just for funky companies”

Well here are two great examples of how 2 companies, one a firm of accountants and one Tax consultants, realised that they wanted to attract a younger audience, they have used humour in videos to do this, and with the attraction came an increase in business.

The first example is HR Block

As Scott Gulbransen, Director of Social Media at H&R Block explained, almost half of their potential customer base is under the age of 35. This group–the “connected generation”– gets their information from The internet not a newspaper.  42% of them make purchase decisions based upon online recommendations. They have an average of 350 friends online, and 54% used social media to buy or recommend a service or product in the last 12 months.

In this demographic, tax preparation is accomplished with Tax software that allows you to do it from the comfort of the home. This change in consumer behaviour caused H&R Block’s business to plummet over the years. A brand refresh was needed, and the best way to achieve it involved a cross platform social media campaign that made it cool to be associated with H&R Block.

One of the examples of a humorous video is when they partnered with the American Mustache Institute, coming up with an absurd piece of legislation called the STACHE Act. Outlined in a white paper and videos.

How they created momentum :

  • They ran a live march with over 250 people taking to the streets (attracting media)
  • Supported a charity with any money raised
  • they created  a Facebook App, allowing people to add a Tash to their profile pictures.

It was a hugely successful campaign :

  • 256 million media impressions
  • coverage by FoxNewsForbes, Bloomberg TV, The Drudge Report, BusinessInsider,blogs and other online magazines
  • the hearts of the younger consumer, which is exactly the group they targeted, and a significant gain in market share and profits.

The Second Example Brown Smith and Wallace

Here Kyle (an accountant) uses a series of videos where he discusses various issues. He has a homeless brother offering an opinion too.

In the latest video he’s focusing on Health Care Reform and researching PPACA’s impact on employers. Find out his predictions on the future of health care. There’s also a special guest appearance by his homeless brother, Karl, who shares his thoughts on what it might mean for him. Also, the IRS Think Tank is back on the case…and be sure to see the musical finale!

They have both thought outside the box, had a bit of fun with a serious topic.

Think about how you can incorporate video into your marketing campaigns.

If you need help contact us we can help with ideas, but we also have the means to help you distribute the videos easily across channels, attract a market and we have the tools to help you measure exactly who opens your videos, if they share them, how often they view them and for how long.

Here is our Video Expression Website or you can send me a message to contact you for a discussion.


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