6 things you can do to get your LinkedIn group discussions humming!

Does this sound all too familiar?

“I created a number of LinkedIn groups and promoted them on all my digital channels. I shared content and seeded discussions on a regular basis and promoted these using the share features on the group. When I did my mailers I also included links to the group discussions. I shared discussions on other groups I joined, but I am not seeing the results I expected”.

Here are 6 things you can do that may prompt more dialogue in your LinkedIn groups

1. Purpose of the group

Be very clear when deciding on a name for the group, describing the purpose of the group and what benefits members will derive from the group. The will help you set expectations up front.

2. Vet every request

Do not allow anyone to join your group without your permission. Do not be scared to turn people away. There are many unsavoury characters out there whose sole purpose is to promote themselves and their services. These people will not add any value at all.

3. Seeding and managing discussions

Group members will not start talking without the right prompts. Ask explicitly for your member’s opinion on specific subject matter. Attempt to respond to every comment and ask additional questions to prompt further discussion. Do NOT allow anyone to start discussions or make comments without your permission. This may be time-consuming but is the only way you will maintain a good standard.

4. Invite and promote

When promoting discussions with your LinkedIn connections, group members, other groups and other social networks, attempt whenever possible to invite specific individuals, subject matter specialists and social media influencers to participate in the discussion. If the conversation starts faltering, invite other individuals to join the discussion.

5. Keep it topical and relevant

Content is the most important factor in any discussion. You HAVE to ensure that the subject matter is topical and relevant.

6. Less is more!

Do not attempt to manage too many groups and conversations simultaneously otherwise you will fail. Manage a small number of groups and ensure the conversations are high quality.


Let members understand what they will get out of your group and set expectations. Vet all new members and comments made by members. Respond to all comments where possible and invite subject matter specialists to the conversations. Keep the discussions topical and relevant. Focus on quality rather than quantity.

Is there anything you would like to add to this? I would love to hear from you!

thanks to David Graham for another fantastic article … here is the original article and a link to his Blog

6 things you can do to get your LinkedIn group discussions humming!.

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