What a load of Poppycock, the stiff Upper lip of the British has an effect on Cancer survivor rates!

What a load of Poppycock, the stiff Upper lip of the British has an effect on Cancer survivor rates!

As a person who lived away from the UK most of her life, I have a viewpoint that differs from this. I blame the National Health.

Why you ask? Well I remember my very first (and only) visit to a Doctor here, I arrived, was given a form to fill in, I took a number, and waited. Nobody really bothered to ask me anything, or find out why it was my first time there.

What a great start, was directed down a corridor after half an hour to sit on a plastic seat outside a closed door.

Eventually number 645 (not the actual number) left the doctor’s office and I was summoned in, greeted with a very luke warm hello, and asked what was wrong. Never once did I feel like I wasn’t being a bother, everyone seemed rushed and overworked, and I just felt like a burden. Now I am not a person who ever plays the victim, I have a positive outlook – and you can ask anyone … I don’t lack confidence. So this experience for anyone that’s timid must be hell.

So why blame the national health… well I think when you get a free service (now I say free with great care, I know some of us pay tax) so, when you don’t put your hand in your pocket.. you feel you can’t demand the service.

In other countries where I have lived, you pay to see the Doctor, and G.P I went to had a relationship with me, as a private practice they wanted me coming back again and again, and telling my friends. The national health, they don’t have that care, the doctors don’t have to make you feel special.

Now I am sure he level of expertise is no different, great and not so great doctors exist in both systems, but I know when I paid, I never felt like I was bothering my doctor, and they never ever made me el that way either.

Now I know there are people who need assistance… and in some countries you apply for a medical card, and this gets you free services.

Nothing will ever be perfect, but I don’t think it’s a British stiff upper lip that’s the problem.  Do You?

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