Service stations and your website?

While driving to a meeting, I listened to apiece on radio 4 this morning, discussing what service stops are doing , and will need to do, to attract customers off the freeway, and more importantly, keep those customers coming back again, making them a destination stop, rather than the competition.

So firstly, they used large established brands to supply the food, this also allowed them to differentiate themselves from competitors, they have child play areas and clean toiles for us to visit. The reporter was telling us that on the continent there are service stations that are really creating a  one stop experience, they even have a disco that opens, so night travellers can stop for a dance, they have adult shops (for the romantic weekends away I guess) … it’s said they have created places to stop, based on what customers need.

I think that that that is just like a website, we are on the freeway, something catches our eye, it pulls us into a visit of the site, but what will make us return again and again?

Do we really think about what our customers want, not about what we sell, can we add to the experience, can you create your very own service stop.

Have you added something recently that isn’t a core service, but your visitors wanted it?

Make sure customers have choice

Make sure customers have choice

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