Why you should add live chat to your website

After a fabulous trip to France and them we decided every day that we would make a decision about where we would stay that meant logging in each day while were driving to find accommodation in the town we had decided to stay in.

This had its own complications because we had to make last minute decisions, and without always having Wi-Fi at our disposal we relied on our phones to help us find and book hotels. Now always known importance of having a mobile friendly website, but this really brought it home to me how important it is that you check that your website works well on mobile phones. On arriving in Dieppe we tried to book what looked like a really lovely family friendly, small boutique hotel, but on trying to fill in the required information on the contact form, we found it wouldn’t work on our phones. So we just drove into the town and found the first available hotel, and that lovely hotel lost our custom.

Quite often we all lose potential customers to our competitors and we aren’t even aware, are people able to look you up easily, can they find the right information that they’re looking for, and are you easy to contact.

One of the features that I think most businesses should have, especially hotels, is a live chat facility. It could run during normal working hours, but it would make it easy for people to be able to ask you if you have room for that night, or if you’re not a hotel, just for customers to be able to ask you that impulsive question that may stop them making a purchase.

I am in the throes of building Make Digital Work, my new website, and I definitely want live chat to be added as a feature, do you have experience using its and how do you use it in your business would love to hear from you.

About Helen Tonetti

Internet and Marketing fantatic. We help you develop and implement Social Media into your marketing activity. Done in stages we develop a clear strategy for you, build the accounts, add content and followers, before training your team to take over and manage the process. Marketing Director of Video Expression, we develop on-line marketing and sales video channels that get results.

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  1. Helen simple but very helpful advice.. and agree.

  2. Hi Helen, interesting article. I have used live chat twice, once when I had a IT related problem and more recently when choosing a holiday resort. On both occasions I found it really helpful. Your article has got me thinking and I will definitely look into getting something set up up on our website.

  3. Zoey Richardson

    Great article! Talking about live chat, I accidentally came across inside, and after looking through their site http://www.inside.tm/, it morphs a business website into a virtual storefront so business personnel can see and help their site visitors in real-time using chat.

  4. That’s fantastic Zoey, thanks for sharing

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