Your Roving Report from Wales

Your roving reporter, braving the wilds of Wales to bring you updates of my trip 🙂

I’m trying to find some amazing story to tell you about how my experience with 32 young people in the Welsh countryside, has a bearing on how we think about our businesses.

Well I can’t come up with some great fancy analogy, but I can tell you a little bit about our first day and how much I have enjoyed it. I am in Wales on a leadership program with 32 people from around Berkshire, who have been chosen by various Rotary clubs, to attend a week of adventure that will hone their leadership skills.

First there was really packed, so it feels like I’ve already been here a week, and I think that’s the exciting thing about taking yourself out of your normal routine, is that is when your mind really switches off, and of course being out in this area of Wales near Snowdonia, can only make you feel fantastic.

Yesterday we were divided into teams, I was the Rotary volunteer in the cow team, and like any good program we started with what we were hoping we would get out of it by the end of the week. The day started with us having to build a Coracle (a Welsh fishing boat shaped like an oyster shell) we had to build it with plastic tubes and a massive black sheet of plastic. The object of this was to build a vessel that would allow us to paddle out to a buoy and back, without the boat sinking. The team got double points if they persuaded a Rotarian (me) to paddle in the boat, needless to say I’m all up for a challenge, and can report the boat and I survived.

wales carocle

It’s amazing when you have limitted resources, some willing participants, and a bit of competition, that we have the ability to create solutions that will really work, and of course have fun while doing it.

I know with marketing are always ask my clients to think a little differently, to be creative with the resources they have, and there will always be amazed at the results they can achieve if they are prepared to be brave and take a chance.

So today is a walk into a gorge, the weather looks a little cloudy but warm, so look forward to the challenge speak soon, Helen your intrepid adventurer.


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