2O Random things about me!

  1. My earliest ambition was to be a Actress, think that’s why I love giving presentations.
  2. I was lucky to be a Dolphin Trainer
  3. I am dyslexic so find it a challenge to read a long document, so love You Tube.
  4. I am a vegetarian, my best food is mash potato, anything Thai and Curry
  5. All my family roots go back to Ireland and Scotland
  6. My favorite color is yellow, think it makes people smile.
  7. I am really angry about the sexualisation of women, think it’s a societal problem.
  8. I tend to have an opinion on just about everything.
  9. I still want to be on stage again on day (in a play)
  10. I am a fair artist, and was shocked to sell a few paintings
  11. I love to travel and recently spent an amazing month in India.
  12. I am a very proud mother of a perfect son … OK that’s my opinion, who plays Rugby for the Sale Sharks and Connaught .
  13. My Husband and I want to build a self sustaining house one day!
  14. I broke both my front teeth as a child, falling off my red Bike.
  15. I have never worn a wedding ring, its not to make a statement just hate rings.
  16.  I am the youngest of three children, with two older lovely (even if a little mad) brothers.
  17. One of my favorite nights is around a table with friends and family sharing great food, good wine and our lives.
  18. I have been a Rotarian for 13 years, and have always believed in giving back and supporting a good cause.
  19. I am competitive, I cant stand giving up on anything.
  20. I love 1940’s big band music.
  1. 1. I have stage fright, don’t like being the center of attention.

    2. I love dolphins!

    3. Not dyslexic

    4. Not vegetarian

    5. My family roots all go back to England and Ireland.

    6. My favorite color is blue, think it is a serene color.

    7. Agree.

    8. Me too.

    9. Wild horses couldn’t get me on a stage.

    10. I love the arts…but am not artistic…more musical.

    11. I’ve done very little traveling.

    12. I don’t have children.

    13. Not married, no desire to build a home.

    14. I fell off my older sisters bike…it was brand new…she was mad as heck.

    15. I have never worn any ring or any kind of jewelry. Just isn’t me.

    16. I am the youngest of four children.

    17. My perfect night would be talking endlessly with a new acquaintance and turning them into a close friend.

    18. I’n not a Rotarian; but do believe in supporting worthy causes…like breast cancer research.

    19. Me too, hate to lose at ANYTHING! 🙂

    20. Me too, could listen to Harry James and his band forever…I used to play the trumpet.

  2. Well, to know me, you’d have to understand how I think first- my post – 33 random things on my life list – should give you a pretty good idea who I am by peeking into my mind 🙂

  3. 1. Done it – several times. Singing and even dancing on stage. I think I’d be better as a film actor.
    2. I trained my cats.
    3. Me too. Plus hopeless short term memory for spelling, names and numbers.
    4. I love meat.
    5. My roots are in Scotland – as are my wife’s.
    6. Blue.
    7. Society has a problem with sex and expressing sexuality in general. I blame religion.
    8. So do I but mine is better.
    9. Not stage but maybe film.
    10. Keen to try. Good eye for light and shade but not for form – yet.
    11. Yep. Not seen India yet though.
    12. Two great daughters.
    13. House in Scotland – Good Life style.
    14. Had my wisdom teeth out in my 20s. Decided the worst part was the anaesthetic. Never had a dental anaesthetic since.
    15. Me neither.
    16. Oldest of three. Brother and sister.
    17. An evening with my wife.
    18. I shoot many charity events.
    19. I don’t mind being beaten but I don’t like failing or doing an inadequate job.
    20. 1970s’ classic rock or classical orchestral music depending on my mood.

  4. 1.I always wanted to be an Actor, One of my earliest memories was playing the artful dodger in Oliver for my school. and then doing Panto as a teenager…….what ever happened to that dream. I wonder?
    2. I wished I had a chance to train as a Marine Biologist
    3. Same here! 🙂 “I am dyslexic so find it a challenge to read a long document, so love You Tube”
    4. I have seen meat being slaughtered and think anyone who eats meat should experience, to understand where it comes from.
    5. I am a royalist but I still also believe my blood goes more on to my Dads side which is Irish.
    6. I love the colour blue, it reminds me of the sea.
    7. I love my dreams, I enjoy them and love when I wake up with a smile from a funny dream.
    8. I have a story for everything, and do have to force myself to shut up sometimes.
    9. I also would love to go on stage again. still….what happened to that dream………..
    10. I love painting, but really dont do enough. I think I am fair when the mood takes me.
    11. I lived to 6 years in Japan, and loved most of it.
    12. I still have nightmares about the earth quake in Japan (that was the one time I didnt like!)
    13. I would love to live in one of the hobit houses in wales. Search them on google..they are great.
    14. I have a star shaped scar inbetween my eyes where I was run over by a two year old on a trike
    15. I have two rings but can never where both of them at the same time!
    16. I am the youngest of three brothers. that had a great time growing up.
    17. My fav nights were always spent, on the beach with friends in Japan or relaxing at the back of the office with a few cold beers. Simple and good company. .
    18. I am a great believe in good causes and have helped my father who has been a member of the Rotary club ever since I can remember.
    19. I doodle a lot, I also have far to many bits of paper with ideas on that unfortunately will probably never see the light of day. .
    20. I love classic and opera music.

    • Love Hobbit houses, I read that there are huge number of dyslexics that are entrepreneurs … so I think we learn to just get on with it early on, Would love to see Japan in Spring or Fall.

      Thank you for sharing

      • I agree Helen, I think the one interesting thing about people with Dyslexia, is we have to work out solving a problem that is presented with us from day one at school that no one really had the answer for. and those that thrive and find enjoyment in the challenges of finding what works for them, come out with a much more elightened view of business and world.

        Japan is stunning in the spring, although its been cold this year, but in the cherry blossom season there are always many great events going on all around the country.

        Loving reading the site by the way. Keep up the good work.


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