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Creating a Facebook page cover that works

Thanks to Social Media Examiner for a great article about  the new rules for Facebook pages.

Now you can have 20% text , allowing you to add a call to action, an address or a contact number. Remember your cover photograph is seen by people before they decide to like your page, and it’s the perfect place to get people to take action.

Make sure you comply with the rules with this tool , its fun and easy to use.

3 examples of the cover photograph that I think really work:

This uses very little text, but has a very strong and clear call to action.


This is an example of a local agency adding contact details, if you are a local business this is vital.


And I thought this was a clever use of a page cover, adding an image of the latest blog post


Have you got a great Facebook page cover, why not share it with us?

A great tool to use Google+ hangouts effectively.

With one of my goals in 2013, being to use Google+ more and to get to understand the Hangouts – I was delighted to come across this App that lets me search, schedule hangouts I want to attend, and a way to promote my own hangouts.

Have a look and let me know if its something you use. 

Using Google hangouts

Using Google hangouts

If you use Pinterest you are going to Love this!

Today’s Social Tool that I came across is a way to schedule you pins to your Pinterest Boards…. It’s called Pingraphy  


They are also saying that you can track Repins, Likes, Clicks and Reach for every pin, you can see the best performing boards and really start to understand what your followers like and adjust your content to suit them.

I haven’t used it yet, but would like to hear your feedback if you have.

How to make your presentations less of a snore!!!

For any business that needs to build a presentation for any reason, this is a must have tool.

My tool of the week is Prezi : a Cloud based communication tool that helps you organize, present, and share your ideas, its easy to use and it really makes presentations look impressive and far less static.

We have been using it in pitches, in workshops and content planning with clients, its easy to share after each meeting.

Have a look at our latest one on the benefits of using video.


Have you used this tool or something similar… please let us know.

A very exciting Facebook tool

Splashpost …

I came across this great tool for Facebook today allowing you to create multimedia Facebook posts that will enable you to “easily promote and advertise your products, consulting services or solutions right inside your News Feed.”

Looks really easy to use and very cost effective

have a look and of course tell us if you use it.

Networking with a blindfold and earplugs never works!

I have noticed a bigger than ever trend for companies and individuals from companies setting up profiles on one or another of the social channels, then using tools to send out automated information, or setting up a discussion, and never returning to manage it.

I think the increase comes with the sudden realisation some businesses have, that Social Media is now an essential part of a marketing mix. Social Media is not, has never been about messages .. it’s about interaction, listening and research.

I was sitting at a meeting last week and a person said, Social Media, oh I have a lady to do that for me, she send out tweets and adds updates to linked in. They were so proud. Of what?

Simply automating a message to go out once in a while, is like going to a network meeting, putting on a blindfold, a pair of ear muffs, walking in… speaking very loudly at anyone who will listen to you, shoving a business card in front of them, then leaving.

Its people you are trying to talk to, to understand so you can make better offerings. Its all about understanding your target markets pains so you can innovate, it’s about building long term relationships with customers (old and new) and it’s about sharing great and relevant content that people can learn from.

Now before you all shoot me down, there is nothing wrong with a bit of automation, it’s a fantastic part of the Social Media marketing process, but it is not Social Media!

I know people are often time poor, so want help, by all means get help, after all I help loads of my clients, but make sure that you are plugged in, checking in daily, have alerts for phrases, train your helper on what they need to watch out for, and if you start a discussion, please be present.

Don’t be the idiot at the networking meeting … with the blindfold on and earplugs in, you can’t hear that everybody left the meeting, and guess what they won’t be inviting you back again.

3 Twitter Tools I have come across this week.

I am busy creating 3 client campaigns across three different industries, and Twitter is always included as an essential tool, so I am always keen to find tools that make it easier and more effective to find and engage with target markets.

Twit Polls, an interesting site developed by McNealy, a cofounder (in 1982) and CEO of Sun Microsystems, he is building an interesting Social media platform, but TwitPolls is one of the tools developed by them. It allows users to create and share polls with their followers and the community on Twitpolls, I know this is a toll I will be using.

Twitter Chimp say that they make it easy to create and share lists on Twitter, I haven’t tried it yet, but know that lists are an essential part of successful Twitter engagement.

Like all marketing its essential to track keywords and buying signals, so I am always keen to find tools that help me with this.

Twilert is a free Twitter alerts service that lets you setup email alerts for Twitter. You can organize alert for any search term that you want to track on Twitter, and Twilert will send you a daily Twitter alert email with all the tweets that match that search term. You can even choose to track your mentions, mentions of your brand, or a combination of all those.

I am always keen to learn what tools people are using to make their social marketing really work, what’s your favourite?

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