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Using Hashtags # on Facebook

Did you know that your # on Facebook will now create a clickable link, and when you click the link you will see a live feed of people that have used that #.



It’s a brilliant way for people to find conversations that interest them, but as a marketer please bear in mind that posting loads of hashtags is likely to irritate your followers, as many are not overly happy about # moving into Facebook.

But they are a great way to extend your reach, by sharing the hastags on Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

They can be a great way to promote an event , a coupon or a contest too.  Remember the # wont link to a page, but a feed, it’s just a way to create awareness.

Like all hashtags capital letters are not relent, it must all be one word (e.g. #facebookhashtag) and don’t stuff your posts with them, that’s just going to peeve people off.

Are you using them? And how?

Are you afraid, so blind to trying something new?

Day two in Wales, and we were completing an exercise on high ropes, with one person blindfolded, while the other person had to leave them around the course.

Apart from the very, very comical moments here are a few lessons that I took away from the day.

wales blind 2

When you are leading someone else, especially on a new task that they may be afraid of (this may be at work, a new piece of software for instance) you really need very clear communication skills, by this I mean the ability to anticipate every single step and understand within a trip up in the learning process. I’m often not the best teacher, some not very good at communicating detail, it was very impressive to watch a young teacher  (Bec’s) yesterday taking Phill around the course, who was blindfolded and petrified. Bec’s kept her tone calm, and gave them as much detail as he required to giving back safely to the starting point.

wales bind

The second thing I learnt (and I have known this for some time) is how fear makes us completely illogical, to complete the exercise everybody is in safety harnesses that tasted rigorously, which is so feel like you’re going to fall off the ropes.

It was a gentle reminder to me that when I’m teaching my clients about social media, many of them are fearful and just because I have had used social media for years now, I can’t expect them to have the same attitude towards it is as I do.

Could fear of new things should never ever stop you from trying them, like yesterday it was amazing to watch how proud everybody was on completing the task and how much fun they had learning a grand new skill.

Sailing today, and looking out my window it looks like rain.

Speak soon had a brilliant day.

Your intrepid or perhaps insipid reporter , reporting from the Welsh Valleys

7 Ideas for anyone that wants to create great content.

Yesterday at our OpenDoorz network meeting, I spoke about self -educating people, so they can make choices, then share that content on your blog and the various social channels. Our very talented, resident photographer Dale challenged us when I said we all need to create content that is useful and engaging, content people will search for.

Content can come in many guises .. an article, a blog post, a PowerPoint presentation  or a video

So I decided to write an article about it, not just for Dale but to show everyone can see how to create content.

Start with questions

  • Create a list of FAQ’s and answer them. (Think about what clients always ask you)
  • Answer the customers buying objections.
  • Have a look on Twitter for questions around keywords in your industry, answer them.
  • Set up a few Google alerts around questions and keywords.

Become a journalist

  • There is loads of content out there already so use it, it’s called curation, write an intro that introduces each topic.
  • Top ten lists, could be about equipment or lighting in this instance.

What’s in the news, or Who?

  • Comment on photos that are published, why they are good or bad, people follow the latest events and love celebrities, so use them.

Do interviews

  • Interview industry experts about related topics to yours
  • Create polls or surveys, these are a fantastic way to develop an article (e.g over 80% of executives have a think that they need a new head-shot)

Talk your story

  • Spend time telling people your story, who you are and why you love what you do.
  • Tell them about a year in the life of a photographer, writing an article a week about things that happen to you, and shoots that you do.

How to’s

  • How do I … teach your audience how to light a room, take a good head-shot, take a picture at a conference etc, let them see you s an expert, and they will buy from you.


  • The most obvious for a photographer, but essential, show of images and explain what they are and why you like them, yours and other peoples.
  • Ask your readers to share their favorite photograph and ask them to pick a winner.

How to share a conversation or a question on LinkedIn with one of your contacts.

Do you often come across a conversation taking place on LinkedIn, and think, I should get so and so (a contact) to contribute to this, or do you recommend someone, and want them to see that you have  sung their praises, and in what context… (if you don’t you really should)

Here is how you go about doing just that…. And for you LinkedIn Fundies (that’s a good South African word for you) you can skip this or of course add a valuable tip for all of us.

When you are in a group, in a discussion it says add a comment, or on the right it has the share buttons… use the share buttons (of course you can add this to twitter too) and share on LinkedIn.


It will ask if you want to share as an update, in a group or with an individual … select the individual option …. Select the name of the contact…


Add a personal message so they know why you are sharing it with them, then viola!


How to make introductions through LinkedIn

I love to introduce people to each other, and LinkedIn has made that super easy!

I have noticed that a few people wanted to introduce me to one of their contacts, and more often than not we were both on Linked In, but the person introducing us didn’t use LinkedIn to introduce us to each other (sharing profiles), and I thought that I would show you how easy this is in a few steps.

Start by going into your contacts:

li 1

Choose the contact you want to introduce to someone, open their profile, select the drop down menu on the right side of send a message, then select … Share Profile.

LI 2

Then send their profile to the contact you have selected (start typing their name in the box) and remember to include a message to the contact on why you are making the introduction.


Sharing profiles really works, as you get a chance to read a bit about the contact before you call them to meet up.

What’s been the best introduction you made? Or was made to you?

Do you have any LinkedIn tips to share or question I can help with?

Creating a Facebook page cover that works

Thanks to Social Media Examiner for a great article about  the new rules for Facebook pages.

Now you can have 20% text , allowing you to add a call to action, an address or a contact number. Remember your cover photograph is seen by people before they decide to like your page, and it’s the perfect place to get people to take action.

Make sure you comply with the rules with this tool , its fun and easy to use.

3 examples of the cover photograph that I think really work:

This uses very little text, but has a very strong and clear call to action.


This is an example of a local agency adding contact details, if you are a local business this is vital.


And I thought this was a clever use of a page cover, adding an image of the latest blog post


Have you got a great Facebook page cover, why not share it with us?

Does a small business need a website?

Mashable had a recent article that asked the question, does a small business need a full website. As someone who has taken a few years to develop a new website, I think their points were really valid.

With Social Media there to help you build content and great relationships, what you need is somewhere to send people to, that has all your details, and here is a business that lets you build it all on one page, with a plug in to collect details and send out emails

A one page website solution

A one page website solution

It does some clever stuff, that allows you to see the analytics in Google, but makes it simpler to understand, has themes to choose from and looks like its easy to update.  And it all starts from just $8.00 a month.

Like Twitter, the less space you have the more you need to ensure that your message is inviting and that there is a clear call to action for visitors.

At this point I want to point out I do not have any interest in this company at all, I just like to share things I read about , that you may like.

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