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6 Second Video? Can it work for you, some great examples.

The new tool that I love is the ability to create 6 second video’s and use Vine to post them to Twitter and Facebook.

In my talk yesterday I spoke briefly about how some companies are already using this tool with great effect, here are a few ideas, followed with a quick how to Vine tips:

Show people what you do

A design company showed examples of packaging

Engage with questions

Ask a question, answer with a Vine Video

Meet the team, see who we are

Show them the team, ideal if you are trying to recruit new people

History of your business

Gap has a great video that shows the history of their jeans in 6 seconds, can you show your history, a brand you have worked with, results, … build credibility

Promote a presentation

Want to increase signups to your next webinar or get more subscribers to your podcast?  An example is to use a sped up doodle on a whiteboard covering the topics.

Dale Strickland of Immoraleyes Photography can help with these videos, have a look at an example he made for a client that needed a video of a boiler being put together

Get started with Vine

6 Seconds to tell a story.

6 Seconds to tell a story.

  • Download and install the Vine app from iTunes for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. (they are developing an Android version )
  • Create a Vine account using your Twitter profile or email address.
  • Find people to follow by going to your profile and clicking the People icon at the top right of your screen. You can also go to your settings and use the Find People option under Friends.
  • Connect your Facebook account to share videos on Facebook as well (personal profiles only).
  • Click the video camera icon to start recording videos. Tap your finger on the screen to record and release to stop recording.
  • When you’re finished, click Continue to share your video on Vine, Twitter and Facebook.

If you are in need of more inspiration on how to benefit from Vine, use the following URL to search Twitter for Vine videos.

You can also use the following URL to add industry-specific keywords to your search.

Have you used Vine, or how could you use it, let us know, or better yet let us see you in action.


6 Seconds to tell a story.

Key tips and Quotes for you as a digital marketer.

I thought I would share a list of key insights and quotes from the Technology For Marketing and Advertising show in London a few days ago. There were some excellent speakers, and a couple who got it wrong, treating the chance to speak as a sales pitch. (the same thing happens on line, and it really irritates me there too)

Here are a few quotes, facts and figures I picked up from a presentation by Marketo.

  • The biggest pain that marketers have with any marketing, including Social, is knowing how to measure ROI.
  • A point of pain for about 30% of marketers is creating content.
  • Marketers want to use Social Media to send out targeted messages, monitor their brand reputation and to find and engage with brand fans.
  • 2 new members join Linked In every second …. WOW!
  • 40% of purchases are driven by Pinterest.
  • There are 32 billion brand name twitter searches daily.  (more than on Google)

Love your Fans

Pay attention to people who share your information, find a way to reward them, perhaps give them extra content, or let them get it earlier, tickets to an event … but reward them and help them love you and keep sharing your updates.

Just one report = loads of articles!

You can take a white paper that you have, turn it into a few social marketing  ideas, from a presentation on slideshare, an infographic, an ebook etc. It’s about turning your existing marketing capital into Social Content, not about creating social content.

Some Facebook facts

  • “We see the best results for our Facebook promoted posts on a Tuesday – and the best engagement comes from promoted posts that have a great graphic”
  • We have measured our advertising and our social updates, we always get better results from social, people trust it more.
  • Edgerank on Facebook is measured by Time , Weight (that’s how relevant they think it is to you based on your previous searches) and affinity (how often a person has liked your posts, shared them etc)


Adapt or Die will be coming next week.

A great tool to use Google+ hangouts effectively.

With one of my goals in 2013, being to use Google+ more and to get to understand the Hangouts – I was delighted to come across this App that lets me search, schedule hangouts I want to attend, and a way to promote my own hangouts.

Have a look and let me know if its something you use. 

Using Google hangouts

Using Google hangouts

3 effective ways to use video in your business in 2013

To communicate with everyone in your business

The thing people search for on line is how to topics. So make videos on how to tutorials, these will position you as an expert. There are options for those they don’t like being on camera too, just call us to find out how we can help.

One of the least used is for internal communication, so often in large organisations there is a real lack of understanding of what the top management is trying to achieve, and when people get in text, do they see the passion of the person delivering the message, or is it largely missed or ignored.using video

Create how to tutorials

Use video to show personality, communicate ideas and changes to everyone, do t n person. And with the tools we use, you will be able to monitor who sees he video and how long they watch it for, giving you real feedback that will help you improve your messages.

Meet the team

So often e battle to stand out from our competitors and our great people are what makes us different, but let’s face it passion and commitment are hard to put into words, so use video to meet your team, let clients meet them, see why they will deliver an outstanding service.

How would you, or do you use video in your business.   

Free Images that will make you happy!

I am always looking for images for client campaigns, images that are different and ideally free. So I am delighted to share a site with you ….. it’s a creative common site, meaning you can use the images as long as you attribute them to the photographer, these are a great option, but can be hard to source and to really understand, that is they were until now.

Read the rest of this entry

Facebook Lists are a must for marketers

Facebook introduced lists back in March, and many marketers (that includes me) are not using them to help stay up to date with information and feeds and to keep in touch with fans. Facebook hasn’t exactly been pushing the feature either, so it’s slow to take off.

With the growth and popularity of tools like Pinterest, that help you to sort images into lists, Twitter lists etc, where people can subscribe to your list, this is a great opportunity to help you engage with your “audience”.

I created a list called Business in Berkshire so I can add my friends who are writing about or live in Berkshire to this list. Now, when I’ve got this list, I can send the contacts on this list a targeted email (and remember that I know that they’re from Berkshire ) and I can watch their news feed.

You can also use a Facebook Send button to send them an interesting article on something happening in Berkshire.

So Getting started:

Log onto Facebook home:

On the left under pages you will find interests (look under more too)

Click on that, Facebook will suggest lists for you to follow

And/ or create your own

and add friends, Facebook pages or groups to the list ….

Now find it on your left hand sidebar, on the homepage, and that list will have feeds from those people on that list… I like it!

If you have a list, tell us and we can follow it.

A very exciting Facebook tool

Splashpost …

I came across this great tool for Facebook today allowing you to create multimedia Facebook posts that will enable you to “easily promote and advertise your products, consulting services or solutions right inside your News Feed.”

Looks really easy to use and very cost effective

have a look and of course tell us if you use it.

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