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  1. Hi Helen,

    Nice meeting you again at the Chamber networking breakfast earlier this week.

    Could you let me have some information on prices, times etc for the Social media course on the 6th Sept.



  2. Hi Helen,
    I got your name from Peter Mas, I’m doing a course with him and he recommended yourself as I’m looking for some guidance and help setting up my business on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc etc.
    Are you in a position to help out?
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards,
    Kieran Galvin LIPPA LMPA
    Galvin Photography

  3. Hello Helen.

    I noticed that you left a comment on my YouTube channel in regards
    to video training that I did on the Agency WordPress theme. (TY).

    Are you currently “active” in internet marketing? I am looking for
    one or two “bloggers” in the traditional sense to work with and share
    ideas with.

    I note that your niche appears to be Social Media, which is cool. I
    *do* work with a Social Media expert but she is into writers, musicians,
    and that niche more than internet marketers, (which is how I met her as I
    was a musician in another lifetime)…lol. Luv the lady!!!

    My “thing” on the internet is SEO and I could give you some tips in exchange
    for some from you on Social Media and internet marketing.

    Also I just finished up a free course on how to build a WordPress website
    from scratch. It was a case study it and shows how I built the website that
    the videos are on, *why* I chose the keywords I chose, and the site just
    broke onto page one of Google yesterday.

    OK, I’m rambling.

    “The balls in your court”…hehehe.

    John Jarvis

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