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A little bit about the School we are supporting with our Make Digital Work Live event.

I first met Mark Frost the Head at Meadow Park Academy earlier this year, when as  a Rotarian we ran a Dragons Den programme for them. I was so inspired by the pupils and the staff, that I was determined to help them get broadband, so they can offer the pupils the use of technology as part of their education. So after deliberation, I decided that Rotary and I could set up a business event in Reading, about Digital, so you could all help us make this a reality for this amazing school.

In Marks Words

At Meadow Park Academy we have a passion for teaching and learning and a deeply held belief that every child deserves the best opportunity to succeed in life. It is our commitment to this belief that underpins everything we do.

Meadow Park Academy is a happy place, because it offers children a welcoming environment where they are inspired to learn, feel safe and have confidence to take on challenges because they know they will be supported. We want every child to exceed even their own expectations and to do so by understanding the importance of self-discipline, hard work and good manners.

At our Academy children receive a high quality education that combines traditional learning with a modern, relevant and subject-led curriculum. We believe it is vital to teach children explicitly how to learn, how to evaluate and how to be successful. Our children will leave us fully prepared for the next step in their education.

One of the areas we are looking to significantly improve is our Information Technology provision. We want to be able to prepare children fo


r the future by allowing them access to a range of technologies and software. We want children to be regularly using computers and tablets to enhance their learning and support their development.

At the moment we are restricted by the IT infrastructure that we have in place. The biggest issue is that we don’t have a wireless network and therefore staff and children are unable to access the internet without the computer being plugged into a socket. With the shift towards mobile devices and laptops, we feel that it is essential that we not only put a wi

We have a young and enthusiastic teaching staff that is eager to use new technologies in their classes. I am confident that this will have a significant impact on the learning and enjoyment of all children in our care.reless network in place, but that it is future-proof as well. We can’t have a network that will crash if ten or more devices connect at the same time.

So make sure you come along on the 22nd of November and meet 250 other motivated businesses.

An infographic to show how we used Social Media in 2011

Thank you to Charlie Warzel on Bostinno,com for this great graphic


CEO’s so often say that Social Media is a waste of time, Richard Branson doesn’t agree.

Mashable recently interviewed  Sir Richard Branson, who talked about why he makes time for Social Media.

How can this be true, after all he has what some call an empire with over 300 business across 30 different countries, and let’s face it all the businesses are very diverse, how and why does Social Media fit into his day.

So many of the CEO’s or senior managers I talk to think that they don’t have time or the inclination to spend on what they often refer to as “time-wasting ideal chatter “ .

Sir Richard Branson is  someone I have always admired, I think he is a thought leader, he is always looking ahead, prepared to take risks and REALLY understands the power of personal branding. He thinks that Virgin has always been a brand that’s about conversation, so he thinks social media is a natural extension of this.  He likes to believe that Virgin wants to ask customers for input on how they can improve their services and offering.

Why I think all CEO’s need to be cognisant of Social Media is it’s the opportunity to talk with listeners and translate those conversations into improving their customer experience? It’s not a chore, but a chance to listen, add real value and a chance to innovate as a business.  I am old enough to remember when companies had to spend a fortune to carry out research, hear their target markets opinions and find out what keep them up at night, now it’s so easy to do using social media.

It’s the chance to listen, to stay ahead of the conversation about your industry and competitors, its shows your customers and staff that you are up to date with the latest technology and the world around you.

Branson is on Twitter , he blogs, is on Facebook and Google Plus. I like his blog, it is brief and open, he is a good storyteller, showing  his personality, and sharing ideas with those who work for him and those who use his brands and product.

Have a good Social Day, make time you and your brand are worth it!


No 15. Twitcam…How to add pictures from your Webcam to Twitter

TwitCam allows you to not only upload photos from your computer but you can also take live photos from your web cam and submit directly to your twitter profile.

Added Bonus:
You can add animations to the photos

Video … how to make one quickly …Tool 11..

With You Tube getting over 3 billion views a day… isn’t it time for you to make a video.

I am dyslexic so thank my lucky stars each day for video’s that explain all sorts of things to me … and of course thanks to spell check, I can write a post.

There are loads of options, but a tool I love is Jing it has a great free option allowing you to make a video of your screen shots.

This is the ideal way to start with video, a how to….how to fill in a tax return, find a job using Linked In, how to find us etc

Here is one I made this morning for a client..

Go on make a video or tutorial today and share it with us.

Number 10, how to make your fans love your brand!

Social Media tool no. 2 hold live events on Facebook

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