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A little bit about the School we are supporting with our Make Digital Work Live event.

I first met Mark Frost the Head at Meadow Park Academy earlier this year, when as  a Rotarian we ran a Dragons Den programme for them. I was so inspired by the pupils and the staff, that I was determined to help them get broadband, so they can offer the pupils the use of technology as part of their education. So after deliberation, I decided that Rotary and I could set up a business event in Reading, about Digital, so you could all help us make this a reality for this amazing school.

In Marks Words

At Meadow Park Academy we have a passion for teaching and learning and a deeply held belief that every child deserves the best opportunity to succeed in life. It is our commitment to this belief that underpins everything we do.

Meadow Park Academy is a happy place, because it offers children a welcoming environment where they are inspired to learn, feel safe and have confidence to take on challenges because they know they will be supported. We want every child to exceed even their own expectations and to do so by understanding the importance of self-discipline, hard work and good manners.

At our Academy children receive a high quality education that combines traditional learning with a modern, relevant and subject-led curriculum. We believe it is vital to teach children explicitly how to learn, how to evaluate and how to be successful. Our children will leave us fully prepared for the next step in their education.

One of the areas we are looking to significantly improve is our Information Technology provision. We want to be able to prepare children fo


r the future by allowing them access to a range of technologies and software. We want children to be regularly using computers and tablets to enhance their learning and support their development.

At the moment we are restricted by the IT infrastructure that we have in place. The biggest issue is that we don’t have a wireless network and therefore staff and children are unable to access the internet without the computer being plugged into a socket. With the shift towards mobile devices and laptops, we feel that it is essential that we not only put a wi

We have a young and enthusiastic teaching staff that is eager to use new technologies in their classes. I am confident that this will have a significant impact on the learning and enjoyment of all children in our care.reless network in place, but that it is future-proof as well. We can’t have a network that will crash if ten or more devices connect at the same time.

So make sure you come along on the 22nd of November and meet 250 other motivated businesses.

The 5 P’s of Digital Marketing .. and other things!

Last week I set off to the big smoke that is London to attend the annual TFM&A at Earls Court.

I lined up with hundreds of other enthusiastic marketing sorts in order to look at the supplier stalls, catch up with clients and attend a few of the great talks on offer throughout the day, that would transform me into a marketing genius.

I made a mad dash to stand in the queue for the first keynote address by Richard Robinson of Google on the 5 P’s of digital marketing.

He introduced us to Google Insights – a really good tool to use for research.

Pulse : I think this relates to the keeping your finger on the pulse, getting information on clients and potential customers is easier than ever now. Do you know what phrases and words your customers are using when searching on line for what you have to offer, we could miss out on potential opportunities, by simply using words or industry acronyms that they would never search for.  A tool discussed and demonstrated on the day was Google Insights, easy to use, you can search your phrases, see how popular they are, and look at alternatives. Also great for seeing related news items.

Pace: The need for businesses to adapt to change, to be nimble. Google believes that fast is better than slow, and I agree, take chances, try new things to see what your customers respond to and like. Fail, fail fast so you can learn and move on…. Always easier for small business I know.

Precision: Be relevant to your market and target audience, not all things work for everyone.

Participation: be sociable that doesn’t just mean being on social networks, but how do you use crowdsourcing to create shared content

Two examples an electronic component company that supplied components to electronic engineers, and for years they used catalogues that were sent to customers, who scanned them and sent in orders with codes.

Set up a community for their customers and other engineers to join called element 14 a place to ask engineering questions and get help from the community, a great success, and they could keep an eye on the problems that their customers were discussing, a chance to innovate

Then they created a tv channel with a super duper engineer who was asked each week to build something and showed to members it has over 20 thousand members and over 600 thousand views.

Genius I say, well I know that’s what we are doing at video expression with great for our clients results

Redgate Software  created a comedy video about Data Administrator in space , they added fun downloadable quizzes, got the community to reviewed and select the best answers it was fun and interactive.  But they could track who logged on, who completed the quiz and who didn’t – then they set up a marketing campaign for the different groups.

Performance how and what do you measure?

Well you must first have a very clear objective to set targets, Some metrics suggested were: looking at your market size and then increasing your market share, what percentage could you get, and how.

He gave us a great link to a measuring model created by Avinash Kaushink  

He made some great points, and he reiterated what I tell all my clients, you can’t just be on social media, you need to know why you are adding it to your marketing, what you are going to say (and it can’t be just shouting about yourself) who you want to talk to and what you will measure.

Now the ques were a nightmare this year, a real indication of how much more interested people are in Digital Media, so getting in to talks was difficult.

But I did get in to hear Guy Levine from Return on Digital give a talk about Emerging Social Media Trends.

He started with a great quote

Social Media is like teen sex, nobody really knows how to do it, and once it’s done, you think it should be better”.

He gave great examples of how we have moved from pure search to asking our friends on line who they would recommend, so we need to know who our customers are talking about and asking for advice on.

Now so many people get trapped in the cycle of just learning about social media tools, they don’t focus on the strategy, why and how they are using Social Media to really build trust. Tools will change and evolve, so you need a clear strategy to ensure that you can adapat.

  1. Listen… first to the language that your target market uses, we are often at fault for using to much industry jargon, or we use words and terms that we are comfortable with, and our potential clients will never look for them. So do research and spend time just listening…
  2. Join in .. build respect by adding to conversations not by marketing yourself directly. Look like an expert and help others first.
  3. Then you can build leads from the connections you make.

Sprout Social  is starting to break things down into demographics of followers, so you can see how many are male or female so you tailor your messages for each social media platform.

Facebook Commerce is getting bigger all the time, its like a very busy high street, and you want to make sure you have a window on it, so you can can capture some of the traffic.

He spoke about the creation of content, something that most people find a challenge:

A great tool to create content for your target groups, Flipboard is a tool for iPads that will create an on-line magazine from your feeds, you can then read content in one place and of course pass it on.

Look  at trends in your market space and create content around that.

QR Codes are a tool that I think are very underutilised and he gave some good examples of them being put to good use. A wine company has one a code that leads you to a quiz on the type of food you are going to make, then recommends a wine.

I think they could also add them to wine bottles and it could lead to video’s (we could make them of course) of the wine being made and perhaps a wine connoisseur talking about its qualities.

He spoke about the research that has proved that we all need to have a picture of a person attached to our profiles, it does lead to more followers and better interaction. Go on stop being a logo!

Use Tweetdeck  to scan for your keywords daily, so you can listen and perhaps re-tweet or answer questions. I also use Google searches that are sent to my in box daily.

A statistic that really confirmed that we all need to use Digital media, and use it well is that B2B use just 1% of their time buying and 99% searching for products or services.

So make sure you have a really engaging strategy that will show you as an expert, that’s personable and will encourage people to link to you on-line.

Well I had a great show, met some fantastic contacts, looked at some exciting new products and managed to catch up with clients too.

How to use negative feedback as a positive… tip number 14

I have spoken about a few tools up to now, but I think we sometimes need to look at the negatives in our business to innovate or market ourselves in a smarter way, and this video will show you exactly how Alamo Cinema did just that

what have you done with the feedback you received from customers.

Number 10, how to make your fans love your brand!

Tool number 8: A Facebook tool allowing you to talk to your audience

Tool number 8 is a fantastic tool for anyone who offers expert advice for a living, from coaches, dieticians, accountants etc.

Ether Charge by the phone call when you list your Ether number on Facebook with this ingenious app. By adding the button to your Facebook page, you can advertise your expertise and invite friends to call you for advice.

Social Media Tool number 4, Save time posting articles

Social Media tool no. 2 hold live events on Facebook

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