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How to share a conversation or a question on LinkedIn with one of your contacts.

Do you often come across a conversation taking place on LinkedIn, and think, I should get so and so (a contact) to contribute to this, or do you recommend someone, and want them to see that you have  sung their praises, and in what context… (if you don’t you really should)

Here is how you go about doing just that…. And for you LinkedIn Fundies (that’s a good South African word for you) you can skip this or of course add a valuable tip for all of us.

When you are in a group, in a discussion it says add a comment, or on the right it has the share buttons… use the share buttons (of course you can add this to twitter too) and share on LinkedIn.


It will ask if you want to share as an update, in a group or with an individual … select the individual option …. Select the name of the contact…


Add a personal message so they know why you are sharing it with them, then viola!


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