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How to get more people to view your You Tube video’s, tool 19

A free tool from Google called Tube Toolbox – it will help you automate the process of identifying targeted followers on You Tube, will automate your messages and more, this will lead to you getting more video views and that will mean more subscribers to your channel.

Hootsuite – Tool 18, measuring and monitoring your Social Media activity

This is always a big question – how can I measure and monitor my Social Media in one place, and I think the following video from Fred at Channelship will explain why Hootsuite is one of the best tools around, and how you can use it to listen (one of the most important activities you need to do) to the market place.

Google+ an emerging tool…no 17

Google + the talk on all the networks at the moment. It’s still in project phase, with invited users – but all you need to do is register with Google+ using your Google account and they will add you to the waiting list.

I like what I see so far … I have used Facebook – but with a massive degree of caution – and now that Google+ allows me to create groups that I can share different information with, I will certainly be a user.

Take a tour

3 Excellent Sideshare Presentations on Google +

1. Google+ briefing
2. Google 101
3. What Google+ means for Marketers

What do you think?

Tool number 16 .. creating your LinkedIn Signature

It’s fairly straightforward to find the signature generator on the LinkedIn site, but its not very well documented.

Lets start… log in to your LinkedIn account and click on the My Profile tab.
This is what you will see

Click on the email signatures feature and you’ll be taken to a rather complex form that allows you to enter quite a bit of different information. To start, make sure that you click on “view gallery” to see all the different styles of signature available:

When you have tried a few styles and experimented with with different values in different fields, copy the block of HTML into your email account signature box.

Happy Signing!

No 15. Twitcam…How to add pictures from your Webcam to Twitter

TwitCam allows you to not only upload photos from your computer but you can also take live photos from your web cam and submit directly to your twitter profile.

Added Bonus:
You can add animations to the photos

Social Media Tool Number 12.. its Snappy

5. How to match up the font on anything

Love this, found it today when I wanted to create a logo for a blog … and I wanted it match the look of the clients website,,,,

What Font is... a free web-based service that helps identifying and/or finding alternatives of a font.

It works by simply uploading (or mentioning the URL of) an image including the text.

The service offers the option to include only free and/or commercial fonts in the results.

And, you can browse a gallery of 70,000+ fonts inside the “All Fonts” menu.

Its so simple … just the way I like it!

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