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An infographic to show how we used Social Media in 2011

Thank you to Charlie Warzel on Bostinno,com for this great graphic


Tool 26 – Finding a name for your Blog or Website

I have been working with clients, developing Blog and Blogging ideas, never ever an easy task. It means doing loads of marketing exercises, understanding who you are targeting, what type of Blog do you want, whats the overriding message, why are you blogging and what are you going to talk about.

Then you need a name .. and that’s when I often use a few tools that really help to get the creative juices flowing and I thought you may like to use them.

dotomator ; A web 2.0 naming engine that creates some fun web 2.0 names and stores them in a list as you generate them. It can also give you tips and check domain availability.

Suggest Name : This is another Web 2.0 generator which uses  words like tech, fancy and other descriptive words for your prefix and suffix. You can combine your own words plus use words they recommend to create a list of results. You can even generate a scratch-board which allows you to keep the combinations that you liked the most. After completed you can check to see if the domain name is available. Of course you also want to check if the name is available for your blog platform if you’re using Blogger,, or Tumblr.

Tell us what your Blog name is – or if these help you come up with an amazing new name.

Tip 24 create an instant Press release … free

Thanks a million to Duct Tape marketing I found this today, and created a Press release for a client.

Its a simple to use tool, add in your heading, intro and body… and Viola a press release is created, and best of all its a free tool.

Do you use press releases, and have they worked for you?

Greek Marketing Lesson 2: Cook slowly to release flavours.

My Big Fat Greek Marketing Lesson

It’s my first time in Greece, and I can say with huge certainty that I am in love. You know what it’s like when you fall in love .. you are amazed with each new thing you discover, you can’t stop hoping that it will last forever and you certainly can’t imagine how you lived without it… well that’s Greece for me. We are on an island called Paros, near Mykonos and Naxos, its dotted with low slung white houses, the most charming small villages built around small fishing ports and has a rugged coastline filled with small coves where you can while away hours looking out to sea or swimming in the very clear waters… as I said I’m in love so can’t help being sentimental.

But work is always nearby, I had to keep up some work for a new client and put a few ideas together for my upcoming workshops.. and of course write to you on my blog.

So I decided to combine my holiday with what I think the Greeks seem to do well. The next few days will be a selection of pics from my holiday, that just there to make you green with envy, and some tips I picked up along the way that we can all apply to our businesses.

23. Use Google to create Polls /Surveys

There are some great tools out there for creating surveys, but I recently used Google and really loved it. Easy to use and share …of course its free. Here is a short video – not done by me, but some chap on you tube – showing you how to start.

Tool number 22… Twitter lets you post pictures directly

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