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Key tips and Quotes for you as a digital marketer.

I thought I would share a list of key insights and quotes from the Technology For Marketing and Advertising show in London a few days ago. There were some excellent speakers, and a couple who got it wrong, treating the chance to speak as a sales pitch. (the same thing happens on line, and it really irritates me there too)

Here are a few quotes, facts and figures I picked up from a presentation by Marketo.

  • The biggest pain that marketers have with any marketing, including Social, is knowing how to measure ROI.
  • A point of pain for about 30% of marketers is creating content.
  • Marketers want to use Social Media to send out targeted messages, monitor their brand reputation and to find and engage with brand fans.
  • 2 new members join Linked In every second …. WOW!
  • 40% of purchases are driven by Pinterest.
  • There are 32 billion brand name twitter searches daily.  (more than on Google)

Love your Fans

Pay attention to people who share your information, find a way to reward them, perhaps give them extra content, or let them get it earlier, tickets to an event … but reward them and help them love you and keep sharing your updates.

Just one report = loads of articles!

You can take a white paper that you have, turn it into a few social marketing  ideas, from a presentation on slideshare, an infographic, an ebook etc. It’s about turning your existing marketing capital into Social Content, not about creating social content.

Some Facebook facts

  • “We see the best results for our Facebook promoted posts on a Tuesday – and the best engagement comes from promoted posts that have a great graphic”
  • We have measured our advertising and our social updates, we always get better results from social, people trust it more.
  • Edgerank on Facebook is measured by Time , Weight (that’s how relevant they think it is to you based on your previous searches) and affinity (how often a person has liked your posts, shared them etc)


Adapt or Die will be coming next week.

Service stations and your website?

While driving to a meeting, I listened to apiece on radio 4 this morning, discussing what service stops are doing , and will need to do, to attract customers off the freeway, and more importantly, keep those customers coming back again, making them a destination stop, rather than the competition.

So firstly, they used large established brands to supply the food, this also allowed them to differentiate themselves from competitors, they have child play areas and clean toiles for us to visit. The reporter was telling us that on the continent there are service stations that are really creating a  one stop experience, they even have a disco that opens, so night travellers can stop for a dance, they have adult shops (for the romantic weekends away I guess) … it’s said they have created places to stop, based on what customers need.

I think that that that is just like a website, we are on the freeway, something catches our eye, it pulls us into a visit of the site, but what will make us return again and again?

Do we really think about what our customers want, not about what we sell, can we add to the experience, can you create your very own service stop.

Have you added something recently that isn’t a core service, but your visitors wanted it?

Make sure customers have choice

Make sure customers have choice

8 Quick steps to building your WordPress Blog

Quick steps to building your WordPress Blog

How video will help you develop trust and make sales.

How many times have you heard people say, I saw the movie, I never read the book.

A big percentage of our population prefers to watch the film rather than read the book, and the Internet is not exempt from this.

Online video is now considered to be an essential aspect of any commercial marketing campaign. And with the campaigns that we do through Video Expression we can show you how to make it cost neutral or even profitable to have video as a means of building a loyal following. ( Case study)

Online video works because simply put people like to do business with a person, rather than a faceless corporation.

Using video allows you to add personality to your business, and create a level of trust that just can’t be achieved with a page of text.

Forrester research has reported that businesses can double their chances of ranking higher in the major search engines if they use video to promote their services rather than text alone. But the benefits of using video to promote your business go deeper than that.

Just think of the way in which brands that advertise on television are regarded. True or not, people generally believe that a business that advertises on television is some kind of brand leader. This same belief and trust seems to translate over into online video.

Just think about a simple example, if you are trying to find an hotel, one page has some static images, the other a tour of the venue and an introduction to the manager with a message about looking after you, and perhaps a few guests with feedback on how wonderful their say was… who will you book with?

This can translate into any business, Why not bring your newsletters to life each month, show potential clients your products, introduce yourself and your team as experts in their field (by giving advice to camera), show positive feedback from clients, answer customers burning questions and much more.

We help clients to develop campaigns and the market their video content through a variety of channels, that will bring them a sleuth of very targeted traffic.

Video is a simple sales technique, an extension of your sales team that can quickly and easily build a  level of trust that normally is only achieved with visits from a member of your team.

The point I’m really trying to make, is that video is not just about more traffic; it’s about providing an extra dimension to your marketing that cannot be achieved through pamphlets, newsletters, static websites or mail shots.

Video marketing will enable you to reproduce the best aspects of your sales pitch in an engaging and memorable fashion, communicating key messages with a big quantity of personality.

An infographic to show how we used Social Media in 2011

Thank you to Charlie Warzel on Bostinno,com for this great graphic


Confused about where to post that update? Should you Tweet or add to LinkedIn?

We all have times in the day that we would like to add a qyuick update to our profile, but what profile .. well I came across this great graphic on Breaking Copy  that can help make those choices among Google+, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Where should you post your status? flowchart infographic

What is the Best Bit of Marketing Advice you ever got?

I was thinking about this yesterday, and realised that picking out one piece of advice would be a challenge for me, the way I think about and, do business has changed so radically in the past 8 years. I was a real unbeliever in the power of on-line, and now I think I bore everyone to death with my love of Social Media.

Think it all started when I failed spectacularly at my first foray into running an on-line business. After building a website, that I spent a fortune on developing, thinking this was my future… to realising my business model and understanding of how people search and use the internet – was a complete wrong.

I decided to get educated! I attended a number of conferences, with speakers like Brian Tracey who is one of the most phenomenal speakers on all things sales… and boy does he know how to market himself as a brand. I went to a weekend listening to Mat Basac … my first live on-line marketer,  he started to stretch my mind some more, and I started to read a number of great books, The Power of Influence by… and anything by Seth Godin, and all of these things added up to me changing the way I think about marketing,.

I have always known about the positives of selling benefits not features (I mean I sold life insurance on the phone once) I knew that you tell people that their friend/ neighbour has bought a product and they are more likely to buy, but I was and still am in love with the whole area of Social Networking, I am a natural connector and love people and what makes them tick.

So perhaps failure was my best teacher!

What was yours ?

PS The picture of the puppy is an experiment – have been told so many people will click on cute images, wanted to see if it was true – and its Friday!

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